• Please use our online form to make a general enquiry.

    Requests for a copy of information held by the CAA or to exercise your individual rights, you can submit a request for information online or write to: 

    External Information Services
    Communication Department
    Civil Aviation Authority
    Aviation House
    Gatwick Airport South
    RH6 0YR  

    To help us locate the information you have asked for please make your request as specific as possible. We will acknowledge receipt of your request and if we require further information to identify and locate the information we will contact you as soon as possible. 

    Please note that the CAA is not responsible for air accident investigation which is the responsibility of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) or for the provision of Air Traffic Control services which are largely the responsibility of NATS.

    Personal Information 

    If you are submitting a request for a copy of your personal information, we will require a copy of a form of photo identification such as your passport or driving licence. 

    Medical Records

    In order to maintain medical confidentiality, if you are requesting a copy of any medical records that the CAA holds about you please contact the CAA’s Medical Department directly at: 

    Data Asset Manager
    Aeromedical Department
    GW Aviation House
    Gatwick Airport South
    RH6 0YR 

    Alternatively, you can submit your request and supporting documents by email to medicalweb@caa.co.uk

    In the case of medical records we will require a signed request and copies of two forms of identification, at least one of which must be photo identification such as your passport or driving licence.

    We will normally provide the information requested by post. If you require the information to be provided by email, you must include written and signed consent for us to do so with each request.
    You will be asked to pay a fee of up to £50, depending on the volume of information involved, and we will advise you of the fee payable once the information has been collated.