• You will have to go to an ATO where the Head of Training will determine how much training you may require before completing the proficiency check (LPC).

    The amount of training to be done depends on many aspects such as:

    • the last time you have flown the aircraft
    • your experience
    • the complexity of the aircraft

    When you have completed the training, the ATO needs to issue a completion certificate which you can present to the examiner before completing the LPC.

    If your rating is at the back of your licence or your licence has expired the rating cannot be signed on the Certificate of Revalidation by the examiner and you will have to apply to the CAA.

    You will need to send in form SRG1119C with the relevant examiner report:

    Type Rating Renewal requirement for pilots who hold a Type rating on another licence

    The UK CAA has adopted a derogation such that where a pilot holds a Type Rating issued by a third country and that rating is compliant with Annex I to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the applicability of FCL.740 (b) may be based on the validity dates of the Type Rating of that other country.

    The effect of this derogation is that to renew the type rating on a UK issued licence:

    • A pilot with a current and valid 3rd country type rating shall complete the revalidation requirements of FCL.740.A(a) and the aircraft category specific requirements for revalidation of the Part-FCL Type Rating; meaning that he must pass the proficiency check, but is not required to undergo training.