• How to change your personal details/address on your licence

    The personal details that appear on your licence should match the information on your photo ID and include your current permanent address.

    Form and supporting documentation

    If you need to change or update any of your details, please complete a form SRG 2156 and send it to us at the address below along with the following documentation:

    • A Certified copy of the Certificate of Revalidation page from your licence.
    • An original or certified colour copy of either your passport, an EEA/EU National Identity Card or a Full EU Photographic Driving Licence.

    If you have changed your name, you will also need to send us an original or certified copy of:

    • your Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate
    • your Change of Name Deed Poll, Statutory Declaration or Original Decree Absolute

    as applicable. You do not need to send us your original licence.

    How to get copies of your documents certified


    There is no charge for changing your address, but a fee will be payable for changing any other personal details:

    Please see licence fees and costs for details.

    An additional fee will be payable if you wish your documents to be returned by secure courier. See the Making sure your documents are safely returned section for more details.

    Please note

    You must still have a valid medical certificate of the appropriate level for the type of licence you are updating as well as a current and valid language proficiency level.

    Compulsory conversion to EASA licence

    If you have not already converted your pilot licence to an EASA licence, then updating your licence will mean that it will be compulsorily converted to an EASA licence and a conversion fee will be charged. These fees are set out in the Licence costs section.


    Please send your form and supporting documents to:

    Shared Services Centre
    Aviation House
    Beehive Ring Road
    West Sussex
    RH6 0YR