• AOC holders

    Any individual, organisation or Company that wishes to operate an aircraft for the purpose of commercial air transport must, by law, obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

    The Air Operator Certificate allows you to charge to fly passengers and / or cargo on your aircraft, whether this is a jet airliner operating on a trans-continental scheduled service, a helicopter flying passengers to oil platforms in the North Sea, or a hot air balloon offering pleasure flights.

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    An AOC will be granted only to operators that demonstrate conformity to all set requirements.

    Changing your details

    If you are an aeroplane or helicopter AOC holder, you can change the website or email address given as your contact details in the above list by emailing apply@caa.co.uk.

  • Type A and Type B operating licences holders

    List of type A and B operating licence holders