• Our licensing and permissioning activities are designed to enable the emerging UK space sector whilst ensuring a safe and sustainable commercial space sector.  
    In carrying out these regulatory functions we are committed to follow the principles of the wider CAA and the Regulators’ Code.  Our regulatory approach | UK Civil Aviation Authority (caa.co.uk)

    • Do not jeopardise public health or the safety of persons or property
    • Do not undermine national security 
    • Comply with the UK’s various international obligations
    • Are not contrary to the national interests
    • Take account of any environmental impact

    We will continue to monitor the performance once a licence has been granted to ensure that standards are maintained. 

    In assessing applications and conducting our oversite functions we commit to: 

    • A consistent but proportionate approach which takes account of the relative risk associated with the proposed activities. 
    • Reducing administrative burdens where possible by working with other regulators and facilitating the use of existing supporting evidence
    • Engaging with industry, government, and other key stakeholders to support continuous improvement of our processes and the legislative framework we operate within.