• Pre-application

    We recommend any prospective large rocket operator reviews the information on these webpages and contact us for pre-application engagement well in advance of planned activities.
    The purpose of this pre-application engagement is twofold:

    • To understand the proposed activities of operators before they submit a full application and where possible, to advise them on what modifications would be required to bring their proposed mission in line with the requirements for receiving an Air Navigation Order (ANO) permission from the CAA.
    • Where possible, to provide a smoother, more tailored application process that is more proportionate to the scale and risks of a particular mission.

    Schedule a pre-application meeting

    Guidance material

    To assist in producing a safety case which provides all the relevant information that we will need to process and applications, we have developed a guidance document which contains information on: 

    • The application process
    • Information of what should be included in a good safety case
    • Problems and pitfalls to avoid when developing a successful safety case
    • Content and style of the safety case

    Airspace change

    In addition to the permission you need to carry out spaceflight activities, you may also need to apply for an airspace change (temporary danger area). This is a separate process and it is carried out by a different department within the CAA. Airspace changes can take longer than permissions for spaceflight activities and it is your responsibility to discuss your proposals and apply for an airspace change with the airspace team. Further information and details of how to apply for an airspace change can be found using the following link  Airspace Change | UK Civil Aviation Authority (caa.co.uk)

    Apply for a permission

    Apply for a permission to launch a rocket under the ANO through our online application form