• Pre-requisites

    Organisations must have a UK approval and the remote site privilege within their approved exposition Section 2.8 (147.A.45c) – If not the organisation should apply for the remote site privilege by submitting an application form SRG1019  to their allocated Surveyor with their exposition detailing their control procedure for such the privilege.


    See the Official Record Series 5, CAA Scheme of Charges.

    If you apply for an initial approval with multiple ratings under the same approval type, you must include a payment relating to the charge for the highest rating applied for e.g. a Part 147 application for ratings T1, T2 and C would attract a single charge for the highest rating, being the T1, as per the Scheme of Charges.

    In the event of a discrepancy between the information here and the Official Record Series 5, CAA Scheme of Charges, the Scheme of Charges takes precedence.

    Application processing time

    • You must ensure the application is submitted at least 15 days prior to the start of training course.
    • When the apply team receives the application and all elements are present andre correct an email will be sent to your organisation within 10 working days.
      This acknowledgment is raised by the Shared Service Centre team however it may be periodically subject to CAA oversight by the Surveyor following the organisations agreed audit programme.

    How long is it valid for?

    • Once granted a Part 147 remote site approval is valid for 30 days from start date of course listed on the application
    • Continuing Airworthiness Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 as retained (and amended in UK domestic law) under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018
    • CAP 1528 - Guidance for Part 147 Instructors
    • CAP 1529 - Aircraft maintenance type practical training within a UK Part 147 Organisation
    • UK regulations
    • Guidance for Part 147 holders 

    • A completed application form submitted by an Authorised Representative of the Company e.g. the  Accountable Manager.

       (Aircraft ratings should be listed as per Part-66 Appendix 1 listing. At this time the Part 66 listing does not include Sailplanes, Powered Sailplanes or Balloons.  In this case use the aircraft type designation specified on the Type Certificate Data Sheet.) 

    • An audit conducted by the organisation for the facility concerned.
    • Copies of any photographs regarding the proposed remote site.
    • A copy of the supporting contract (practical training).
    • Details of the approved instructor/examiner. 

    • A Shared Service Centre Officer will make an initial assessment of your application and will contact you with any queries.
    • An e-mail to confirm your Part 147 remote site training can commence normally within 10 working days.
    • Any questions regarding the scheduling of your onsite visit can be directed to the Shared Service Centre at 01293 573600.
    • An Airworthiness Surveyor will review the application and may decide to sample the training on-site either via an announced or unannounced audit. 
    • The CAA Resource Management Team will contact organisation to arrange for a Surveyor to carry out an announced on-site audit (if applicable).