• British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) have changed so that the process for National Certificates of Airworthiness (CofA) is aligned with that of EASA CofA and Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC’s).

    Organisations can maintain / manage aircraft excluded from European Council Regulation (EC) 216/2008, as amended, including aircraft listed in Annex II (commonly referred to Non-EASA aircraft) and recommend the issue of non-expiring National Certificates of Airworthiness and National Airworthiness Review Certificates for these aircraft types.

    Approval Usage
    A8-15 (M3) approval for Aeroplanes and Rotorcraft not exceeding 2730kg revised to provide National ARC privileges and application may be made for the privilege to issue a Certificate of Validity to revalidate a Permit to Fly for aircraft that are not required to be maintained under A8-20 (M5).
    A8-23 (M1) is for organisations approved for the maintenance of non-EASA aircraft
    A8-24 (M2) for organisations responsible for maintenance of non-EASA aircraft below 5700kg MTOW and single engine helicopters, not used for commercial air transport or state purposes.
    A8-25 (BCAR CAMO) for continuing airworthiness management organisations for non-EASA aircraft.
    A8-18 (M4) Airships has been deleted.
    A6-2 and A6-7, Continuing Airworthiness Responsibilities of the Operator These are being combined into A6-1, Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness of Non-EASA Aircraft

    The recommendation for the initial issue of a National ARC may only be made by an appropriately approved BCAR CAMO (A8-25) or an M3 (A8-15) organisation that holds appropriate privilege for this purpose.

    • State aircraft, large aircraft and those used for commercial air transport are to be managed by an A8-25 BCAR CAMO and maintained by an A8-23 (M1) organisation.
    • Remaining CofA aircraft may have their continuing airworthiness managed by an appropriately approved BCAR CAMO organisation or they can have an annual review performed by:
      • an appropriately approved A8-25 organisation
      • for aircraft of 2730kg and below, not used for commercial air transport or State purposes, an appropriately licensed engineer.
    • For aircraft below 2730kg MTOW, maintenance may be performed by M1/ M2 organisations or independent certifying staff.