• To change the marks on an aircraft, you effectively register it again under a different registration mark.

    The same process is followed as for initial registration, but you will also need to return various documents associated with the aircraft so that they can be re-issued with the new registration mark. These documents are listed below.

    There is a fee for re-registering an aircraft, available in Forms and Fees.

    For information on available registration marks, see Availability and reservation of UK registration marks.

  • To re-register an aircraft you must follow the same process as for initial registration.

    How to register an aircraft

    In order to change the registration marks on a UK Registered aircraft:

    • an aircraft must be clear of registered mortgages
    • the mortgage lenders must give their consent to the aircraft changing registration marks

    More information on aircraft mortgages

    If the aircraft is the subject of an Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation (“IDERA”) this must be revoked before the aircraft can have the registration mark changed. If the International Interest still remains, a new IDERA quoting the new registration mark should be requested.

  • Documents to include with your application

    If the aircraft is on a permit to fly issued by the Light Aircraft Association please see changes in registration marks on LAA aircraft.

    Original versions of the following documents must be returned to the CAA Aircraft Registration Section along with the completed application. They will be re-issued by the Applications and Approvals department under the new registration mark. All other documents can be amended by the CAA local area office.

    • Certificate of Registration
    • Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly
    • Airworthiness Review Certificate or Certificate of Validity
      • If your aircraft holds a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate issued by a CAMO (ARC 15b or 15a Extension) you may return the original certificate to either Applications & Approvals, or your local CAA Regional Office for re-validation.
      • Alternatively, you can contact your CAMO to request a replacement ARC be produced to reflect the new UK registration mark. Upon issue, the existing ARC should be returned to CAA Applications & Approvals Section for revocation.
    • Noise Certificate
      • The noise certificate issued to reflect the new UK registration mark will contain the same noise values as the previous certificate. Should you require a new noise certificate due to a change of data you will need to apply for a new noise certificate separately.

    Please note: these documents should be returned whilst the aircraft is grounded and being changed to the new registration marks. Once the aircraft’s registration has changed its Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) is rendered invalid until re-issued under the new marks by the CAA. Also, depending on the C of A category, and type of flight, the documents mentioned above may be required to be on board the aircraft.