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In July 2023 the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published a detailed investigation of the Manchester Low Level Route (MLLR) as part of its ongoing Airspace Classification Review.

The MLLR, currently designated as Class D controlled airspace (CAS), benefits from a temporary exemption permitting aircraft to fly through it without contacting ATC, with adherence to specific conditions. This exemption, crucial for MLLR operations, is now due to expire on 31 May 2025. The comprehensive review, incorporating stakeholder input and safety data analysis, has identified safety concerns, such as the increased risk of mid-air collisions (MACs). The current configuration of the airspace, along with its temporary exemption status, is not aligned with our long-term operational objectives to simplify airspace. Consequently, we propose reclassifying and modifying the MLLR to enhance safety and efficiency, whilst also aligning it with these objectives.

This engagement exercise is part of a broader engagement strategy and has been prepared in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the CAA. Given the anticipated minimal impacts of the proposed amendment, we have designed this engagement exercise to be proportional and allow all stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the proposal, understand its potential effects, and share their opinions. We welcome valuable and timely feedback from all respondents and recognise that different stakeholder groups may have diverse viewpoints.

We have also published a summary document for this engagement exercise.

This edition corrects typographical errors in the original version. No substantive changes to content have been made.

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