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Remote Pilots must meet a set of requirements when flying under a PDRA01 Operational Authorisation.


You must hold:

  • a valid Flyer ID
  • a valid General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) for the type of UAS you'll fly (rotary wing or fixed wing)


Before you fly under a PDRA01 Operational Authorisation, you must have at least 2 hours of flying experience in the previous 3 months.

This experience must be gained on similar and/or equivalent UAS to the UAS you'll use under the PDRA01 Operational Authorisation.

Your fitness to fly

You must be fit and safe to fly.

Remote Pilot's logbook

We strongly recommend using our PDRA01 Remote Pilot Logbook Template.

Using our template is the easiest way to create a logbook that will comply with the regulations.

CAP 2606B - PDRA01 Remote Pilot Logbook Template

You must keep a flight log with the following details of every flight you carry out:

  • your name and Flyer ID
  • date of flight
  • take-off and landing location
  • duration of flight, including whether in daylight or at night
  • description of the flight, including remarks on any unusual technical or operational occurrences
  • make and model of UAS flown
  • UAS serial number (or registration number, if applicable).

Your flight log should be in a digital format that will be easy to provide to us, and for us to use for oversight purposes.

You must keep your flight log up to date.

The Remote Pilot flight log is different to the Operator's aircraft technical logbook.

Relationship to UAS Operator

You must be employed by or contracted by the UAS Operator.

This does not apply if the Remote Pilot and Operator are the same person.

Regulations and guidance

This page gives an overview of key competencies and responsibilities.

You must always meet the full requirements of the PDRA01 Operational Authorisation and wider regulations.

UAS.SPEC.060 Responsibilities of the remote pilot in UK Regulation (EU) 2019/947 on rules and procedures for the operation of Unmanned Aircraft.

Includes the acceptable means of compliance and guidance material.