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Use this service to apply for a PDRA01 Operational Authorisation.

Follow these steps to apply

1. Check that a PDRA01 is right for you

PDRA01 authorises you to fly Unmanned Aircraft (UA) below 25kg in residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas.

You must only fly within visual line of sight (VLOS).

Read the PDRA01 overview.

Close 1. Check that a PDRA01 is right for you

4. Prepare a list of your UAS makes and models

When you apply, we'll ask you to provide:

• the makes and models of all UAS you plan to use under your PDRA01 Authorisation
• the number of hours the UAS have flown in the past 12 months

If this is your first application, providing this information is optional as we realise you may not have collected it over the past 12 months. If you're reapplying, you must provide this information.

Close 4. Prepare a list of your UAS makes and models

5. Get your Operator ID and payment ready

You'll need:

• access to the email you used to register for your Operator ID
• a debit or credit card

All assessments are carried out against the Operator name outlined in the Operational Authorisation that has been issued and all documentation should be submitted in that name.

If the Operator name does not correspond with the documentation submitted, the Operational Authorisation will be suspended until addressed.

If you have more than one Operator ID, make sure you apply / reapply using the correct Operator ID when accessing the PDRA01 application via the My registration area. For example, if you have an Operator ID as an individual and as an organisation.

If you’re a sole trader and you want your authorisation to be issued in your trading name, you must have an organisation Operator ID.

We’re not able to transfer PDRA01s from one Operator ID to another.

It usually takes around 15 minutes to complete the application, depending on the number of UAS you need to list.

We'll save your application as you go. You can return to it within 14 days via My registration.

Close 5. Get your Operator ID and payment ready

 Oversight and enforcement

                        You may be selected for an audit at any time.

We may ask to see your Operations Manual and supporting records, such as aircraft technical logs and flight logs at any time. You must provide any relevant documents at our request, within the period we specify.

If you fail to meet this or any other requirement, we may revoke your authorisation or suspend it until you provide the information we require.

Cost and period of authorisation

PDRA01 costs £234 per year.

There's no VAT to pay.

Your authorisation will last for 12 months.

Apply for a PDRA01 Operational Authorisation

What happens next

We aim to issue your PDRA01 Authorisation within 24 hours.

We'll email you to confirm when we do.

We've changed how we assess PDRA applications

If you've noticed any differences to how you've applied for a PDRA01 in the past, it's because we've changed how we assess applications.

We no longer ask you to upload your Operations Manual when you apply or reapply. Instead, we ask you to confirm that you have, and will maintain, a valid manual that meets the requirements. You may be selected for an audit at any time.

These changes are part of our activities to transform the operational authorisation process for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in the Specific Category.