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Under UK(EU) 139/2014 Aerodrome Operators are responsible for compliance monitoring.

Aerodrome Operators are required to establish an internal auditing process (compliance monitoring) as described in ADR.OR.D.005 Management System, paragraph (b)(11) and the supporting AMC. CAA, through its aerodrome oversight programme, will seek to verify compliance with the applicable requirements’

CAA Aerodrome Oversight

Certificated Aerodromes will be subject to a 36 month oversight cycle. Within this 36 month oversight cycle CAA will plan and deliver an oversight programme that consists of audits and inspections that are carried out onsite and remotely.

The objective of the oversight programme is to verify continued compliance with the applicable requirements, and to assess the performance of the aerodrome operator in identifying and managing its aviation safety risks.

Over the 36 month oversight cycle CAA will seek to verify compliance with all of the applicable requirements. The compliance monitoring programme established and implemented by the aerodrome operator is an important part of this process.

To support the compliance monitoring programme a number of question banks have been prepared and are available for download.

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Question Banks

To support the Aerodrome Operator’s compliance monitoring programme, a number of Question Banks have been prepared. 

In preparation for a CAA audit, you will be notified of the oversight focus areas and the question banks that will need to be completed and returned.

Instructions for completing and returning the question banks can be found on page 1 of each question bank document.

IMPORTANT: The Question Banks listed below are currently being reviewed and updated to ensure continuous improvement, and alignment with Regulation (EU) 139/2014 as retained (and amended in UK domestic law) under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

When the review is complete, they will be available to download here. In the meantime, relevant Question Banks will be sent to aerodrome operators as attachments to the audit notification email. Copies of specific question banks can also be requested from the Aerodrome Inspector team.

QB 1 Management of Change

QB 2 Use of Alcohol, Psychoactive Substances and Medicines

QB 3 Compliance Monitoring

QB 4 Contracted Activities

QB 5 Co-ordination with other Organisations

QB 6 Personnel Requirements

QB 7 Prevention of Fire

QB 8 Record Keeping

QB 9 Training and Proficiency Check Programme

QB 10 Aerodrome Monitoring and Inspection

QB 11 Aerodrome Maintenance

QB 12 Night and Low Visibility Operations

QB 13 Wildlife Strike Risk Reduction

QB 14 Demonstration of Compliance

QB 15 Occurrence Reporting

QB 16 Operation of Vehicles

QB 17 Rescue and Firefighting

QB 18 Safety Culture

QB 19 Surface Movement Guidance and Control System

QB 20 Operations in Winter and Adverse Weather Conditions

QB 21 Aerodrome Manual and Documentation Requirements

QB 22 Safeguarding of Aerodromes

QB 23 Findings and Corrective Action

QB 24 Fuel Quality

QB 25 Management Systems

QB 26 Aerodrome Emergency Planning

QB 27 Management of Aeronautical Data

QB 28 Use of Aerodrome by Higher Code Letter Aircraft

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