• July 2019

    The first iteration of the CAA Safety Plan was published in April 2017, and great progress has been made between then and now, particular highlights in this update include:

    • Publication of the CAA human factors strategy and action plan.
    • The CAA held an ‘Enabling Innovation in Aviation’ conference, bringing together leaders from across aviation and other allied sectors. The conference allowed the CAA to consider and discuss opportunities to develop and adapt its regulatory engagement strategy to keep pace with future trends.
    • A Mental Health training day was held for the UK’s Aeromedical Centres at the beginning of September 2018. The presentations are being uploaded to the eLearning platform for all AMEs to access.
    • Complete delivery of all actions in the Air Display Review Full Report (Published in May 2016) within timeframe.

    Further updates will be published here with each CAA Safety Plan iteration and current actions are detailed in the relevant sections of the plan.