• All pilot licences require a medical certificate or medical declaration and while it is fine to have a trial flight and some initial lessons you should avoid committing to a full training programme before having a medical check.

    You may be worried that the medical will stop you from learning to fly. Common concerns usually include:

    • Vision - the standard requirement allows you to wear glasses or contact lenses
    • Asthma - if you have asthma you may need to take some additional tests but providing it is well controlled it need not be a problem
    • High blood pressure - modern blood pressure medication can be used

    Medical advice

    An aeromedical examiner (AME) will be able to offer you individual advice and will also be qualified to issue you with a medical certificate following a medical examination.

    AMEs are based all over the UK. Find one near you using our Find an AME service.

    You can get a LAPL medical certificate from a GP that has signed-up to take part in the scheme.

    Self-declaring your medical fitness

    Pilots wishing to train for either a National Private Pilot Licence or UK Private Pilot Licence may self-declare their medical fitness, rather than having to visit a GP or AME. Details on this method and a link to the online application form are available here: Medical requirements for private pilots.

  • A new online system will soon replace existing paper-based medical application forms. Further updates will be issued in due course.