• A certificate of validation may be issued subject to such conditions as the Authority thinks fit.

    It has always been the Authority's policy to validate non UK professional flight crew licences issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 and only in circumstances where it would be impracticable to require conversion to an equivalent UK licence.

    The validation procedure is regarded as a short term expedient to meet specific operational requirements in circumstances where no suitable qualified UK licence holders are available and not intended to facilitate the regular employment of non UK licence holders as flight crew of UK Registered aircraft. In such circumstances terms for licence conversion should be applied for.

    How to validate a non-EU licence for fixed term work in the UK

    How to validate a non-EU licence for work in the UK so that you can fly for remuneration on non-commercial operations, commercial air transport or other commercial activities.

    How to validate a non-EU licence for non-commercial activities.