• For those operators requiring RVSM, NAT-HLA (MNPS) and PBCS operational approval the Civil Aviation Authority are required to be review and approve these. The CAA now also offer a same day service, however it is recommended that applicants submit the correct form with as much prior notice as possible.

    How do I apply?

    Form CA4040 is designed to elicit all required information from operators requiring an operational navigation approvals and all sections relevant to the approvals must be

    Fill in form SRG 1814 and send to navapprovals@caa.co.uk

    Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges for Air Operator and Police Air Operator Certificates.

    A same day service is currently available only to applicants requesting RVSM, NAT-HLA or PBCS approvals using the CA4040 form. This service is not guaranteed to be accepted and will be subject to workload capacity, technical involvement required and prioritisation as determined by the CAA.

    All the relevant paperwork must be supplied with the initial application and submitted by 11am.

    These services are primarily designed to support operators with accelerated turnaround timescales in situations of urgent operational needs due to unforeseen circumstances. 

    Application type   Timescales  Cost  Same day service  Form to be used  Same day service fee
    RVSM  10 working days  AOC - no charge  1 working day  CA4040  £285
    NAT HLA (MNPS)  10 working days  AOC - no charge  1 working day  CA4040  £285
    PBCS  10 working days  AOC - no charge  1 working day  CA4040  £285

    If an aircraft operated under an AOC also conducts NCC flights, there is no requirement to apply for the approval twice.  

    Escalation Process

    • CAA Shared Services Centre (Navigation) Telephone: +44 (0) 3300 221 908 email: navapprovals@caa.co.uk
    • Second point of contact is the assigned Oversight Manager or Flight Operations Inspector for your operation
    • Flight Operations stakeholder manager Telephone +44 (0)1293 573872 and email: navapprovals@caa.co.uk