• Anyone applying for an AOC must first arrange a pre-application meeting with the CAA by contacting:
    Shared Service Centre
    Approvals & Certification
    GE Aviation House
    Gatwick Airport South
    RH6 0YR

    A Regional Office most convenient for your principal place of business or Operational base will be assigned to handle the application and you will be assigned a Flight Operations Inspector (FOI) and an Assigned Surveyor (AS). The CAA regional offices in England are based at Gatwick and Manchester. In Scotland there is one regional office based at Stirling.

    The pre-application meeting

    The purpose of this meeting is to determine that you and your organisation have sufficient understanding of the appropriate regulations and requirements and to confirm, for your benefit, the expectations of the CAA. Please ensure that your key management personnel attend.

    The FOI and AS will discuss with you the procedure involved for the award of the AOC. All aspects of the AOC will be discussed and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the application process. You will be provided with an overview of the certification process and made aware of the various departments responsible for financial, economic and legal matters, and for the necessary assessment of your financial resources and ability to support the proposed operations.

    You should be prepared to discuss and demonstrate that you have considered:

    • The organisation of the company
    • Where your operation will be based and the location of your principal place of business
    • The intended AOC management structure
    • The competence of the individuals who will be working for the operation
    • How the AOC will be financed
    • What sort of Operation you require
    • What aircraft you intend to operate
    • What area you intend to operate in
    • Your understanding of the regulations and requirements

    Instruction to proceed

    If the pre-application meeting is satisfactory and both parties are in agreement that the application may proceed you will be asked to submit a formal application.

    You will then be provided with an AOC Application package that includes the following documents:

    • A draft schedule of events in the Application certification process
    • The Operations Manual Checklist
    • An AOC Approvals Document template
    • The Aircraft Equipment check list template (the K & L document)
    • Template EASA form 4, to be completed for each nominated postholder