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Our unmanned aircraft systems unit | Our work

UAS sector lead Andy Hamilton explains how the CAA works with industry

2019-06-05 Now our dedicated Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS or drone) unit has been up and running for a while the teams are settled into their roles providing a service to the whole UAS industry. We have three main teams in the CAA that deal with the UAS sector

Drones - a hobby like no other | Our work

Guidance from Assistant Communications Director Jonathan Nicholson

Drones - a hobby like no other 2016-07-14 Flying drones is quite simply unlike any other hobby because of the potential risks and dangers involved. Drone users have to understand that when

‘Share the Air’ gets off to a flying start | Our work

November saw the launch of pioneering drone education days, headed up by Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director of Communications at the CAA.

, the CAA collaborated with Compton Abbas airfield in Dorset to host the first ever 'Share the Air' drone education day. “Is this a drone event or a drown event?” joked Clive Hughes, owner of Compton Abbas, as he of aviation in film. Bringing GA and drone pilots together Hughes, a pilot of 47 years, says that flight

Design a drone competition launched for junior schools | Our work

Assistant Communications Director Jonathan Nicholson explains how teachers and students can get involved

Design a drone competition launched for junior schools 2017-05-05 In all our drone safety education work we're always clear that we don't want to stop people having fun with drones. But what we do need is people to know

Drone safety a key factor ahead of Christmas | Our work

Assistant Communications Director Jonathan Nicholson explains

Drone safety a key factor ahead of Christmas 2016-12-02 Drones are expected to feature heavily on many paramount.  We've been educating drone users about the need to be responsible while flying, especially

Inspecting commercial drone operators | Our work

By Andy Hamilton

Inspecting commercial drone operators 2019-03-29 As the commercial operation of drones becomes an even more integral part of the wider aviation industry we are looking to regulate drones in the same

World ATM Congress….or should that be World UTM Congress? | Our work

By Emma Simpson

entrants into the airspace, such as drones, as well as on new technologies to assist and augment human ' traffic management, specifically related to how drones are integrated into our airspace, or is it 'unified of our skies, incorporating everything from backyard drones to commercial spaceflight activities? I

World Economic Forum Summit highlights opportunities for an innovative future | Our work

By David Taite

(WEF), Drone Innovators Network, was hosted by the Japanese Government in Tokyo. This was a fantastic primarily on how to move into enabling more complex, innovative operations primarily, drone delivery intelligence and automation) and how practical demonstrators, like drone delivery trials in Rwanda, Switzerland

Setting up our new innovation team and helping the UK be at the forefront of urban air mobility | Our work

The CAA is preparing to launch a new ‘ Innovation in Aviation ’ capability in April 2019, offering innovators the chance to discuss, explore, trial and test emerging concepts and technologies in aviation, where there are no current precedents or clear frameworks.

be expected by 2025, and within a decade passenger carrying drones could already be servicing their own and possible testing and trialling in the UK.    [1] DroneII, The commercial drone market in numbers, Drone

Transport of the future... already here? | Our work

As we gear up to the official launch of our new innovation team we've been scoping out the issue.  Angela Lynch attended the MOVE 2019 Transport Conference in February.

of the future 'today' includes electric bikes, autonomous cars, drones carrying up to 180kg loads

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