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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

These are published by the CAA on our UK Regulations pages. EU Regulations and EASA Access Guides published by EASA no longer apply in the UK. Our website and publications are being reviewed to update all references. Any references to EU law and EASA Access guides should be disregarded and where applicable the equivalent UK versions referred to instead.


Effective safety management begins with an organisation ensuring that it is aware of the risks to its safe operation to enable mitigation as appropriate. The communication of the risks perceived by staff to the organisation requires a positive Safety Culture to encourage and facilitate this open reporting. Safety Culture is vulnerable if staff do not understand their safety responsibilities, perceive there is any detriment associated with reporting or that no action will be taken.


  • Enhance aviation safety and the protection afforded to the UK travelling public both in the UK and internationally by ensuring full compliance with EC 376/2014 on occurrence Reporting to underpin:
  1. Shared responsibility for safety among all staff, encouraging the reporting of safety concerns at any level
  2. Appropriate action by organisations in responding to occurrences reported to them
  • Embedding Just Culture as a fundamental element of aviation Safety Management Systems


  • Raise awareness of EC 376/2014, Safety Culture and Just Culture implications within all areas of aviation where the CAA has oversight and seek to influence where we do not
  • Deliver training to ensure CAA inspecting staff are equipped to engage with organisations about EC 376/2014 and Just Culture
  • Deliver tools, training and safety promotion information to industry which will enhance understanding of Just Culture and its impact on safety behaviours
  • Identification and sharing of best practice across the aviation sector in support of organisational Safety Culture
  • Consider the existence of Just Culture in our oversight of aviation organisations
  • Monitor Occurrence Reporting to the CAA to identify issues and intervene as necessary
  • Investigating whistleblower reports, considering other data streams and implications for organisational culture deficiencies

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