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The intention of this information sheet (CAP1700) was to raise awareness of an increase in the rate of technical occurrence reports submitted related to this engine type; which prompted further investigation to better understand if any underlying themes could be identified.

The information provided on the type of fuel available was based on reported evidence and expert opinion, our intention was not to endorse one type of fuel over another, simply informing the community on the available evidence.

The advice being that before you take any action if you have any questions relating to the performance of your engine or the use of a particular fuel is to speak with your engine maintenance provider.

The CAA is not suggesting there is any safety issue relating to the Gipsy Major engine, but rather advocating the provision of quality maintenance.

In all cases our ability to analyse industry trends is governed to a greater extent by the wider aviation community engaging with us in an open and transparent way, ideally through occurrence reporting. We welcome collaboration in the spirit of aviation safety and ultimately the more this happens, the better our collective understanding of safety issues will become.

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