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External Consultations
External consultations CAA Response

2023 Government consultation ‘Smarter regulation: improving price transparency and product information for consumers’

CAA response (October 2023)

2021 Government consultation ‘Reforming aviation consumer policy: protecting air passenger rights’

CAA response (March 2022)
2021 Government Consultation on the Future of Transport Regulatory Review: Future of Flight CAA response (November 2021)
2021 Response to 2021 Government Consultation Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy CAA response (October 2021)
2019 Government Consultation Aviation 2050: the future of UK aviation CAA response (June 2019)
Home Office Call for Evidence on Airside alcohol licensing at international airports in England and Wales CAA response (January 2019)
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: green paper on modernising consumer markets CAA response (July 2018)
2017 Government Aviation Strategy Call for Evidence CAA response (December 2017)

CAA responses to EASA consultations over the last two years are shown below.

You can view responses to older consultations via the National Archives.

EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment
EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment CAA Response


NPA 2022-05 Environmental protection requirements for supersonic transport aeroplanes

CAA comments on NPA 2022-05

NPA 2021-01 Rotorcraft Chip Detection Systems CAA comments on NPA 2021-01
NPA 2021-03 Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Simulator Data - CS-SIMD CAA comments on NPA 2021-03
NPA 2021-06 Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Standard Changes and Standard Repairs (CS-STAN) Issue 4 No CAA comments
NPA 2021-07 Regular update of CS-ETSO with Appendix CAA comments on NPA 2021-07
NPA 2021-10 Prevention of catastrophic accidents due to rotorcraft hoist issues CAA comments on NPA 2021-10
NPA 2021-11 Enhancement of the safety assessment processes for rotorcraft designs CAA comments on NPA 2021-11
NPA 2021-12 New air mobility | Subtask 2 — Gyroplanes: Flight crew licensing for private pilot licences and non-commercial operations conducted in visual flight rules by day and by night

No CAA comments

NPA 2021-13 Regular update of CS-E

No CAA comments

NPA 2021-15 I New air mobility Subtask 1 - Continuing airworthiness (CAW) rules for electric and hybrid propulsion aircraft and other non-conventional aircraft

CAA comments on NPA 2021-15

NPA 2020-01 Regular update of CS-25 No CAA comments
NPA 2020-02 All weather operations - Non-commercial operations with other than complex motor-powered aircraft CAA comments on NPA 2020-02
NPA 2020-03 Amendment of the requirements for flight recorders and underwater locating devices: CSs/AMC/GM for locating an aircraft in distress CAA comments on NPA 2020-03
NPA 2020-05 Tyre pressure monitoring No CAA comments
NPA 2020-06 Implementation of the latest CAEP amendments to ICAO Annex 16 Volumes I, II and III No CAA comments
NPA 2020-07 Unmanned aircraft system beyond visual line operations over populated areas or assemblies of people in the ‘specific’ category III CAA comments on NPA 2020-07
NPA 2020-08 Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Operational Suitability Data (OSD) Flight Crew Data (CS-FCD) CAA comments on NPA 2020-08
NPA 2020-09 Regular update of AMC 20 CAA comments on NPA 2020-09
NPA 2020-11 Regular update of CS-25 CAA comments on NPA 2020-11
NPA 2020-12 Review of Part-66 CAA comments on NPA 2020-12
NPA 2020-13 Regular update of CS-22 No CAA comments
NPA 2020-14 Simpler, lighter and better Part-FCL requirements for general aviation CAA comments on NPA 2020-14
NPA 2020-15 Updated of the flight simulation training device CAA comments on NPA 2020-15
NPA 2020-16 Helicopter ditching and water impact occupants survivability CAA comments on NPA 2020-16 (refers to CAA paper 2005-2006)
EASA Comment Response Documents
EASA Comment Response Documents CAA Response
CRD 2014-02 Specific risk and standardised criteria for conducting aeroplane-level safety assessments of critical systems
Specifications for flight control systems and aeroelastic stability
No CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2014-01 Carriage of Special Categories of Passengers CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2013-09 Reduction of Runway Excursions No CAA comments
CRD to NPA 2013-07 Ageing Aircraft Structures

No CAA comments

EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment and Comment Response Documents can be found within EASA's rulemaking webpages.