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The CAA’s Aviation Consumer Survey (formerly the CAA Consumer Tracker Survey) is a bi-annual survey of UK consumers’ behaviour and attitudes towards commercial aviation, which we use to help inform our work to put consumers’ interests at the heart of the way we regulate.

Since the spring of 2016, the CAA has commissioned market research companies to survey a representative sample of roughly 3,500 UK residents (including those who have never flown) on their feelings about, preferences regarding and experiences of flying. Interviews are conducted in the spring and late summer to capture feedback from the two busiest flying periods for the year (the summer and festive holidays).

Four fifths of the questions asked in the survey are repeated in each wave, thereby providing us with a picture of how people’s views on important aspects of flying are changing over time. The remaining, variable component of the survey enables the CAA to investigate emerging trends and explore specific questions in detail.

Wave Twelve: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

Wave Eleven: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

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Wave Ten: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

Wave Nine: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

Wave Eight: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

Wave Seven: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

Wave Six: UK Aviation Consumer Survey

Wave Five

Wave Four

Wave Three

Wave Two

Wave One