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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

These are published by the CAA on our UK Regulations pages. EU Regulations and EASA Access Guides published by EASA no longer apply in the UK. Our website and publications are being reviewed to update all references. Any references to EU law and EASA Access guides should be disregarded and where applicable the equivalent UK versions referred to instead.


The Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG) was set up to prepare the airspace change masterplan.

The master plan is a single coordinated implementation plan for airspace changes in the UK up to 2040.

The changes that make up the masterplan will upgrade the UK’s airspace and deliver the objectives of airspace modernisation.

Content of the master plan

The master plan is being produced by ACOG in stages. More detail is added with each iteration.

Across all iterations, the masterplan will:

  • identify where and when airspace change proposals are needed, with proposed timelines for implementation
  • describe how these proposals relate to each other, and highlight potential conflicts between their designs
  • explain how trade-off decisions to resolve those conflicts have been made
  • demonstrate the anticipated cumulative impact of all the airspace change proposals.

Constituent airspace change proposals

In Iteration 2, ACOG proposed organising the participants into geographical clusters. We accepted this approach in October 2022.

Each cluster has at least one high-level ‘network’ airspace change proposal (ACP), sponsored by the UK En Route air traffic control provider, NATS.

ACOG is coordinating ACPs from the following airport participants (TMA means Terminal Control Area):

London TMA

  • Biggin Hill
  • Bournemouth
  • Farnborough
  • Gatwick
  • Heathrow
  • London City
  • Luton
  • Manston
  • RAF Northolt
  • Southampton
  • Southend
  • Stansted

West Terminal Airspace

  • Bristol
  • Exeter

Manchester TMA

  • East Midlands
  • Leeds/Bradford
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester

Scottish TMA

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow