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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

These are published by the CAA on our UK Regulations pages. EU Regulations and EASA Access Guides published by EASA no longer apply in the UK. Our website and publications are being reviewed to update all references. Any references to EU law and EASA Access guides should be disregarded and where applicable the equivalent UK versions referred to instead.

Title: London Southend CAS (CTA 10 & 11)

Sponsor: London Southend Airport (LSA)

Description: This airspace change proposal is linked to a previous proposal to implement controlled airspace at Southend airport that was approved in 2015.

Our original regulatory decision approved a “limited airspace change” on the basis that the number of commercial movements supported by the airport at that time did not justify the implementation of Control Areas (CTAs) 10 and 11, two portions of controlled airspace included in Southend’s original airspace change proposal.

We also stated in our regulatory decision that if Southend pursued another ACP and submitted a new proposal to us within two years of the date of implementation (2 April 2015) justifying the requirement for CTAs 10 and 11 as originally proposed, we would agree that as part of that process no additional consultation requirements would be placed on them for that new ACP.

On the 31 March 2017, Southend submitted an application for CTA’s 10 and 11 to be implemented as originally consulted on and proposed. This application has been partially approved, with implementation conditional on the return of sufficient traffic levels within three years of the date of the decision, given the reduction in air traffic as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last updated: 14 May 2024

CAA Regulatory Decision on original airspace change proposal 23 Jan 2015
Follow-up ACP Submission 31 Mar 2017
CAA email to Change Sponsor 14 Sep 2018
CAA letter to DfT – transition arrangements 2 May 2019
DfT letter to CAA – transition arrangements 10 Jun 2019
CAA letter to Sponsor - additional requirements 01 Jul 20
CAA email to Sponsor - formal deadline 19 Jul 2019
Addendum to Sponsor’s formal application 11 Feb 2020
Sponsor’s engagement document 31 Jan 2020
Sponsor’s report of engagement activity 31 Jan 2020
Reacted version of original airspace change proposal 31 Jan 2020
Draft AIP amendment 11 Feb 2020
CAA Engagement Regulatory Assessment 3 Nov 2020
CAA Environmental Assessment 3 Nov 2020
CAA Operational Assessment 3 Nov 2020
CAA Options Appraisal Assessment 3 Nov 2020
CAP 1982 CAA Decision 3 Nov 2020

Change Implementation date

In accordance with CAP1982 Paragraph 48 in relation to the approval of the extension to Southend CTA 10 (referred to as CTA10X) the CAA is satisfied the conditions for implementation have now been met.

The extended Southend CTA10 will be implemented on 8th September 2022 and the number of movements at London Southend Airport will continue to be monitored to ensure the original argument for extending the CTA remains valid.

A chart showing the extension can be found in CAP1982 Appendix A. The formal chart in the AIP will be available for viewing with from 14th July 2022 – 8 weeks prior to implementation on the NATS AIS website.

14 Jun 2022

Stage 7 Post Implementation Review

14 May 2024