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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

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Sponsor: Isle of Scilly Steamship Company (Lands End Airport)

This proposal is for introduction of GNSS (RNAV) IAPs for each of the runways at Lands End Airport. Introduction of these new procedures is the final stage of an extensive development programme at Lands End Airport to improve the resilience of the vital air-link to the Scilly Isles island-based community and visitors.

Last updated: 5 June 2020

Framework briefing held with organisations considering proposal of the change 21 Jul 2015
Sponsor external consultation document (with associated appendices) 18 Aug to 16 Oct 2015
Sponsor's external consultation feedback report 4 Nov 2015
Sponsor's formal airspace change proposal (date received by CAA) 27 Nov 2015
Operational assessment by CAA 2 Feb 2016
Consultation assessment by CAA 22 Dec 2015
Environmental assessment by CAA 4 Feb 2016
Decision document (CAA change approval) 30 Mar 2016
Change implementation date 19 Jul 2019
AIRAC distribution date / AIP amendment 22 Apr, 1 Jul, 20 Jul 2016
PIR initiation date 9 Mar 2020
Sponsor's analysis 17 Apr 2020
CAA PIR assessment in progress