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UK Civil Aviation Regulations

These are published by the CAA on our UK Regulations pages. EU Regulations and EASA Access Guides published by EASA no longer apply in the UK. Our website and publications are being reviewed to update all references. Any references to EU law and EASA Access guides should be disregarded and where applicable the equivalent UK versions referred to instead.

This page provides guidance for non-UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved organisations which are eligible to continue to exercise the privileges of their approval up until 31 December 2022 to issue and extend Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARCs) on UK registered Part 21 aircraft. The enabling an EASA CAMO to manage UK registered aircraft letter provides further guidance.

Who can apply?

Non-UK approved Part M Subpart G, Part-CAMO and Part-CAO Organisations that have the privilege to Issue ARC’s.

How do I apply?

  • Send a copy of the documents referred to above to the address shown below.
  • Payment details should be entered on form FCS1500.
  • Payments can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. It is preferred that all submissions be emailed to apply@caa.co.uk in a PDF format.

What do I need to include with my application?

  • Copy of the organisation's approval certificate.
  • Copy of EASA form 4 for the Airworthiness Review Staff (issues only).
  • Copy of the CAME page detailing authorisation of ARC extension signatory (extension only).
  • Copy of compliance reports (issues only).
  • Copy of Physical Survey report (issues only).
  • Copy of the ARC (within 10 days of issue / extension).

What happens next?

  • Copy of the ARC and supporting documents are received and reviewed.
  • Payment is processed.
  • Any discrepancies are raised and rectified before the ARC can be accepted.
  • G-INFO is updated.