• Data from 250 accidents involving large public transport aircraft shows that 28% of fatal accidents include flight handling issues and 24% include poor judgement or airmanship by crew.

    An operator’s crew resource management (CRM) programme is therefore a vital part of its overall safety enhancement work.

    The Flight-crew human factors handbook (CAP 737) is aimed at those involved in developing an operator's CRM programme. It has been completely updated by the Crew Resource Management Advisory Panel to give more focused and applied practical CRM training guidance. The handbook is supported by training videos based on real events to highlight key CRM learning points. For a copy of these videos on DVD please email: human.factors@caa.co.uk.

    The Flight Crew Human Factors Advisory Panel (FCHF) has developed a guide to help National Aviation Authority Inspectors [GM3 ARO GEN.300], management, auditors and examiners in understanding or evaluating CRM Programmes or individual Crew Members: Practical Crew Resource Management (CRM) Standards (CAP1607).