• Your organisation may already have processes in place for the identification of safety risks either through:

    • flight data monitoring (FDM)
    • safety reports
    • quality management system (QMS)
    • internal audits
    • regulatory audit findings
    • knowledge from front line staff
    • information shared from attending aviation groups (GHOST, RISG etc.)

      How do you know where to take action which has potentially the best impact and what is a priority among everything you have identified?

      You may need to consider whether a safety event is reoccurring to create a trend. Are those safety trends increasing to warrant a closer examination or has the operation experienced unusual events where you need to appreciate the scenario and context of that event further?

      Have you looked at your management of change and where the concerns are in closer inspection?

      Once you have identified what you need to bowtie you need to decide how to get the best content.

      By completing the basic elements in a workshop format, the model will start to take shape.