• About We are Safety

    From the very start, it was clear that many of our industry partners experience the same challenges and therefore need to communicate the same messages, to the same audiences.

    While every organization has the best of intentions when producing safety material, the unintended consequence can often resemble wallpaper in the crew rooms and on the notice boards of our ground service providers. Therefore, the concept of collaborative and consistent safety messages has to be of benefit to those producing and receiving them.
    Founded by industry professionals in 2016, We Are Safety has already been adopted by many Airlines, Airports and Ground Service Providers. In an industry where standardisation and consistency are in high demand, traditional customer, competitor and regulatory organisational barriers can be broken down to enable cross-organisational teams to work on common goals and produce common material for industry, as safety partners.
    As well as promoting the power of partnership, We Are Safety finally provides the Ground Operations community with its own recognisable brand.

    Materials will only feature the logo and branding and so can be used by any organisation.