• Rationale

    In March 2017, the UK and US took action to restrict the carriage of personal electronic devices (PEDs) by passengers in the cabin of aircraft inbound to their countries from certain States in North Africa and the Middle East.  The US Government may decide that security assurance requires that all flights between the UK, and maybe wider, and the United States be subject to bans on the carriage of PEDs by passengers in the cabin of affected aircraft. 


    • The UK CAA has assessed the safety risks of incorrectly packaged PEDs being damaged or inadvertently activated in the hold.
    • UK operators have prepared their own safety risk assessment and have measures in place to carry increased numbers of non-cargo PEDs safely in the hold. 
    • Passengers will understand the need to switch their PEDs off fully, and comply with the instructions.  


    • Provide comprehensive advice to affected UK and foreign airlines to assist in the safe carriage of consumer PEDs containing lithium ion/metal batteries.
    • Engage with affected UK operators to review their safety risk assessments, processes implemented and residual risk scores.
    • Work closely with other aviation regulators to understand fully the risks and potential mitigation measures.