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    2021 Response to 2021 Government Consultation Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy 
    CAA response (October 2021) 
    2019 Government Consultation Aviation 2050: the future of UK aviation
    CAA response (June 2019)
    Home Office Call for Evidence on Airside alcohol licensing at international airports in England and WalesCAA response (January 2019)
    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: green paper on modernising consumer markets CAA response (July 2018)
    2017 Government Aviation Strategy Call for Evidence CAA response (December 2017)   

    EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment

    CAA Response 

    CAA responses to the most recent EASA consultations are shown below, you can view responses to older consultations via the National Archives. 
    NPA 2015-01  Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation in the European Air Traffic Management Network (EATMN) CAA response on NPA 2015-01
    NPA 2015-02  Systematic Review and Transpostion of Existing FAA TSO Standards for Parts and Appliances into EASA ETSOs No CAA comments
    NPA 2015-03  Embodiment of Level of Involvement (LOI) Requirements into Part-21 No CAA comments
    NPA 2015-04  Technical and Operational Requirements for Remote Tower Operations CAA response on NPA 2015-04
    NPA 2015-05  Non-Commercial Operations of Aircraft Listed in the Operations Specificiations (OPS Specs) of an AOC Holder No CAA comments
    NPA 2015-06  Reorganisation of Part 23 and CS-23 No CAA comments
    NPA 2015-07  Use of comparative analysis when showing compliance with SLD icing specifications No CAA comments
    NPA 2015-08  Part M Light CAA response on NPA 2015-08
    NPA 2015-09  Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) at Aerodromes CAA response on NPA 2015-09
    A-NPA 2015-10  Introduction of a regulatory framework for the operation of drones CAA response on NPA 2015-10
    NPA 2015-12  AMC and GM to Part-21 for changes to Operational Suitability Data (OSD) No CAA comments
    NPA 2015-13  Loss of control prevention and recovery training CAA response on NPA 2015-13
    NPA 2015-14  AMC and GM to Regulation 2015/XXX laying down the common rules of the air and operational provisions regarding services and procedures in air navigation (SERA Part C) CAA response on NPA 2015-14 
    NPA 2015-15  Additional airworthiness specifications for operations. Thermal / acoustic insulation material CAA response on NPA 2015-15 
    NPA 2015-16  Maintenance of the AMC and GM on the safety (key) performance indicator 'Use of risk analysis tool' for the air traffic management performance scheme CAA response on NPA 2015-16
    NPA 2015-17 Airworthiness review process CAA response on NPA 2015-17 
    NPA 2015-18 Update of the rules on air operations
    (Air OPS Regulation - all Annexes and related AMC/GM) 

    CAA response on Part A

    CAA response on Part B

    No CAA comments on Part C 

    NPA 2015-19 Executive Interior Accommodation  CAA response on NPA 2015-19
    NPA 2015-20 Review of the Aircrew Regulation in order to provide a system for private pilot training outside approved traiing organisations (ATOs) and of the associated acceptable means of compliance and guidance material.  CAA response on NPA 2015-20 
    NPA 2015-21  TAWS operation in IFR and VFR, and TAWS for turbine-powered aeroplanes under 5700 kg MCTOM able to carry six to nine passengers. CAA response on NPA 2015-21 
    NPA 2015-22  Open rotor engine and installation

    CAA response on NPA 2015-22 

    NPA 2016-01 Helicopter ditching and water impact occupants survivability CAA response on NPA 2016-01
    NPA 2016-04 Maintaining aerodromes rules - CS ADR-DSN

    CAA response on NPA 2016-04

    CAA response on NPA 2016-04 Addendum

    NPA 2016-02 Technical requirements and operational procedures for aeronautical information services and aeronautical information management   CAA response on NPA 2016-02 
    NPA 2016-03   Technical review of the theoretical knowledge syllabi, learning objectives, and examination procedures for air transport pilot licence, multi-crew pilot licence, commercial pilot licence and instruments ratings

    CAA response on NPA 2016-03A

    No CAA comments on NPA 2016-03 B

    CAA responses on

    NPA 2016-03 C

    NPA 2016-03 D

    NPA 2016-03 E

    NPA 2016-03 F

    NPA 2016-05 Reorganisation of CS-23 CAA response on NPA 2016-05 

    NPA 2016-06 

    Fuel planning and management:
    Part A – Aeroplanes – Annex I (Definitions), Part-ARO, Part-CAT
    Part B – Helicopters – Annex I (Definitions), Part-CAT, Part-SPA, Part-NCC, Part-NCO & Part-SPO
    Part C – Aeroplanes/Helicopters – Part NCC, Part-NCO & Part-SPO

    CAA response on NPA 2016-06 Part A
    CAA response on NPA 2016-06 Part B
    CAA response on NPA 2016-06 Part C

    NPA 2016-07 Regular update of CS-25 No CAA comments 
    NPA 2016-08 Import of aircraft from other regulatory system, and Part-21 Subpart H review CAA response on NPA 2016-08 
    NPA 2016-09 Requirements for Air Traffic Services  CAA response on NPA 2016-09 Part A
    CAA response NPA 2016-09 Part B 
    NPA 2016-10 Maintaining aerodromes rules – AMC/GM for Aerodromes Amendment 2 CAA response on NPA 2016-10 
    NPA 2016-11 Review of aeroplane performance requirements for commercial air transport operations CAA response on NPA 2016-11 
    NPA 2016-12 Transposition of provisions on electronic flight bags from ICAO Annex 6 CAA response on NPA 2016-12 
    NPA 2016-13 Technical requirements and operating procedures for airspace design, including flight procedure  CAA response on NPA 2016-13 
    NPA 2016-14 Easier access for GA pilots to IFR flying CAA response on NPA 2016-14 
    NPA 2016-15 Instructions for continued airworthiness: certification maintenance requirements No CAA comments 
    NPA 2016-16 Regular update of Part-FCL - Regular update of Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 regarding pilot training and licensing and the related oversight  CAA response on NPA 2016-16 
    NPA 2016-17 Regular update of certification specifications for standard changes and standard repairs (CS-STAN)  No CAA comments 
    NPA 2016-18 Prediction of wind shear from aeroplanes performing commercial air transport operations  No CAA comments 
    NPA 2016-19 Alignment of implementing rules and acceptable means of compliance / guidance material with Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 - Occurrence Reporting  CAA response on NPA 2016-19 
    NPA 2016-20 Appendix I – Aircraft type ratings for Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-01 Implementation of the CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise CAA response on NPA 2017-01 
    NPA 2017-03 In flight recording for light aircraft  CAA response on NPA 2017-03 
    NPA 2017-04 Regular update of aerodromes rules  CAA response on NPA 2017-04 

    NPA 2017-05 (A) and NPA 2017-05 (B) - Introduction of a regulatory framework for the operation of drones – Unmanned aircraft system operations in the open and specific category.

    CAA response on NPA 2017-05(A) 

    No comments on NPA 2017-05 (B)

    NPA 2017-06 Loss of control or loss of flight path during go around or other flight phases  No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-07 Rotorcraft gearbox loss of lubrication  CAA response on NPA 2017-07 
    NPA 2017-08 Regular update of CS-ETSO No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-09 Update of AMC-20 – In-flight entertainment, lead-free soldering, harmonisation of safety assurance and software development criteria No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-10 Software assurance level requirements for safety assessment of changes to air traffic management / air navigation services functional systems 

    CAA comments on NPA 2017-10

    Attachment to comments: Table of detailed comments relating to Comment 1

    NPA 2017-11  Integrated Modular Avionics – Phase 2 CAA response on NPA 2017-11 
    NPA 2017-12  Regular update of CS-25 No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-13  Update of flight simulation training devices requirements, Upset prevention and recovery training, FSTD inspector competencies framework, training matrix CAA response on NPA 2017-13 
    NPA 2017-14  Certification specifications and guidance material for the design of surface-level VFR heliports located at aerodromes that fall under the scope of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 (CS-HPT-DSN Issue 1) CAA comments on NPA 2017-14
    NPA 2017-15 Non-ETOPS operations using performance class A aeroplanes with a maximum operational passenger seating configuration of 19 or less  CAA comments on NPA 2017-15 
    NPA 2017-16 Engine Bird Ingestion  No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-17 Development of FTL for commercial air transport operations of emergency medical services by aeroplanes and helicopters and Update and harmonisation of FTL for commercial air transport by aeroplane for air taxi operations and single-pilot operations taking into account operational experience and recent scientific evidence  CAA comments on NPA 2017-17 
    NPA 2017-18 Unintended or inappropriate rudder usage - rudder reversals  CAA comments on NPA 2017-18 
    NPW 2017-19 Installation of parts and appliances that are released with an EASA Form 1 or equivalent  CAA comments on NPA 2017-19 and attachment 
    NPA 2017-20 Embodiment of level of involvement acceptable means of compliance and guidance material to Part-21  No CAA comments 
    NPA 2017-21  Technical and operational requirements for remote tower operations CAA comments on NPA 2017-21 
    NPA 2017-22 Updating Part-MED and related AMC and GM  CAA comments on NPA 2017-22 
    NPA 2018-03 Recorders, installation and maintenance thereof - certification aspects  CAA comments on NPA 2018-03 
    NPA 2018-04 Helicopter emergency medical services performance and public interest sites CAA comments on NPA 2018-04 
    NPA 2018-05 Regular update of CS-25 No CAA comments 
    NPA 2018-07 Update of ORO.FC — evidence-based training subtask

    CAA comments on NPA 2018-07 Part A
    CAA comments on NPA 2018-07 Part B

    NPA 2018-08 Regular update of CS-MMEL and CS-GEN-MMELNo CAA comments 
    NPA 2018-10 Regular update of the certification specifications for standard changes and standard repairs (CS-STAN) - issue 3 No CAA comments 
    NPA 2018-11 Certification Specifications and Guidance Material for maintenance certifying staff type rating training No CAA comments 
    NPA 2019-02 Class D compartmentsNo CAA comments 
    NPA 2019-03 Embodiment of the level of involvement acceptable means of compliance and guidance material in Part 21 No CAA comments 
    NPA 2019-04 Additional Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material for the safety/safety support assessment of changes to the air traffic management/air navigation services functional systems 

    CAA comments on NPA 2019-04 

    NPA 2019-05 Embodiment of safety management system (SMS) requirements into Part-145 and Part 21

    CAA response on NPA 2019-05 Part A 

    CAA response on NPA 2019-05 Part B

    CAA response on NPA 2019-05 Part C 

    NPA 2019-06 Regular Update of CS-ETSO

    No CAA comments
    NPA 2019-08 Update of ORO.FCCAA response on NPA 2019-08
    NPA 2019-09 All weather operations - Helicopters and specialised operations CAA comments on NPA 2019-09 
    NPA 2019-10 Measurement of the SKPI and SPIs in the SES Performance Charging Scheme

    No CAA comments on NPA 2019-10 Part A

    No CAA comments on NPA 2019-10 Part B

    CAA comments on NPA 2019-10 Part C

    NPA 2019-11 Human factors in rotorcraft designCAA comments on NPA 2019-11 
    NPA 2019-12 Installation and maintenance of recorders - certification aspectsNo CAA comments 
    NPA 2019-13 Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Cabin Crew Data (CS-CCD)No CAA comments
    NPA 2020-01 Regular update of CS-25No CAA comments
    NPA 2020-02 All weather operations - Non-commercial operations with other than complex motor-powered aircraftCAA comments on NPA 2020-02
    NPA 2020-03 Amendment of the requirements for flight recorders and underwater locating devices: CSs/AMC/GM for locating an aircraft in distress  CAA comments on NPA 2020-03 
    NPA 2020-05 Tyre pressure monitoring No CAA comments
    NPA 2020-06 Implementation of the latest CAEP amendments to ICAO Annex 16 Volumes I, II and IIINo CAA comments 
    NPA 2020-07 Unmanned aircraft system beyond visual line operations over populated areas or assemblies of people in the ‘specific’ category IIICAA comments on NPA 2020-07 
    NPA 2020-08  Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Operational Suitability Data (OSD) Flight Crew Data (CS-FCD)CAA comments on NPA 2020-08 
    NPA 2020-09 Regular update of AMC 20 CAA comments on NPA 2020-09 
    NPA 2020-11 Regular update of CS-25 CAA comments on NPA 2020-11 
    NPA 2020-12 Review of Part-66 CAA comments on NPA 2020-12 
    NPA 2020-13 Regular update of CS-22 No CAA comments 
    NPA 2020-14 Simpler, lighter and better Part-FCL requirements for general aviation CAA comments on NPA 2020-14 
    NPA 2020-15 Updated of the flight simulation training device CAA comments on NPA 2020-15 
    NPA 2020-16 Helicopter ditching and water impact occupants survivabiltyCAA comments on NPA 2020-16 (refers to CAA paper 2005-2006)
    NPA 2021-01 Rotorcraft Chip Detection Systems CAA comments on NPA 2021-01 
    NPA 2021-03 Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Simulator Data - CS-SIMDCAA comments on NPA 2021-03
    NPA 2021-06 Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Standard Changes and Standard Repairs (CS-STAN) Issue 4No CAA comments
    NPA 2021-07 Regular update of CS-ETSO with AppendixCAA comments on NPA 2021-07

    NPA 2021-08 Part(A) Enhanced mobility options and streamlined qualifications for air traffic controllers 

    CAA response on NPA 2021-08 Part(A) 
    NPA 2021-08 Parts (B) to (G) Enhanced mobility options and streamlined qualifications for air traffic controllers No CAA comments for NPA 2021-08 Parts (B) to (G) 


    EASA Comment Response Documents

    CAA Response 

    CRD 2014-02 Specific risk and standardised criteria for conducting aeroplane-level safety assessments of critical systems 
    Specifications for flight control systems and aeroelastic stability
    No CAA comments 
    CRD to NPA 2014-01  Carriage of Special Categories of Passengers CAA comments
    CRD to NPA 2013-09  Reduction of Runway Excursions No CAA comments
    CRD to NPA 2013-07  Ageing Aircraft Structures

    No CAA comments 

    EASA Notices of Proposed Amendment and Comment Response Documents can be found within EASA's rulemaking webpages.