• Aircraft Noise Certification

    Aircraft are required to comply with the noise certification Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Volume I of Annex 16 to the Chicago Convention.

  • Special Delivery

    This service provides an accelerated delivery of documents, and is applicable to any of the services shown above, and can be applied for using the links above to the application form for the relevant business area.

    Document turnaround shall be in accordance with our published Code of Practice, (typically 5 or 10 days), though the document will then be sent by Royal Mail special delivery (which aims to provide 9.00am next day delivery), or equivalent for overseas applications (overseas delivery times may vary).

    The following delivery fee will apply in addition to the service fee in accordance with the Scheme of Charges:

     Special Delivery Fee £ 
    Documents sent within the UK  £35 
    Documents sent outside the UK  £55

    Note: The fee for this service is already included with all the same day services.