• You must have proof of language proficiency to apply for a licence

    For most applications, you must provide proof that your language abilities meet ICAO requirements. For UK issued licences, this means you must demonstrate proficiency in English.

    Language proficiency is assessed on a scale of 1 to 6, with Level 6 being the standard of an expert speaker of the language. The international Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requires the minimum standard for a licence holder to be Level 4.

    The UK CAA can only endorse English language proficiency levels on the licences that we issue.

    Language assessment during a skill test

    You will probably be tested on your language skills during your skill test and your level of ability will be recorded in the examiner’s report form. As long as you are assessed as a Level 6 speaker, the examiner’s report will count as proof of your language proficiency and you will not need to send us anything else.

    Only UK-registered examiners can assess your English language proficiency during a skill test. When they do this, they can either mark you as a Level 6 (an expert speaker) or recommend you are assessed by a language school. They are not able to issue any other Level.

    Language assessment at an approved language school

    You can also have your language proficiency assessed at

    • a language school approved by the CAA or
    • an ATO specially approved by the CAA to conduct language assessments

    Details of these organisations are published in Standards Document 31, our list of approved training organisations. Download Standards Document 31.

    If you are assessed at one of these organisations, you must include a completed form SRG 1199 with the rest of your application.

    As part of improvements of our licence functioning service we are reducing the use of paper forms. 
    Please note that you can now only apply for this service online and the paper version of the SRG1199 is no longer be accepted. 

    The form must be signed by one of the following people:

    • a UK-registered examiner
    • the Head of Training at a language school approved by the CAA
    • the Head of Training at an ATO approved by the CAA to carry out language assessments

    The form must show the language, the proficiency level and the validity date.