• The CAA is responsible for the form and content of the United Kingdom Integrated Aeronautical Information Package and for ensuring that an Aeronautical Information Service is provided. NATS provides the Aeronautical Information Service as a specified service under the Air Traffic Services Licence granted to NATS by the Minister of State for Transport. The authority and policy for the regulatory oversight of the service is described in Regulation of Aeronautical Information Management Services (CAP 779).

    UK aeronautical information management policy

    The CAA is responsible for the formulation and implementation of UK Policy on Aeronautical Information. UK policy will take account of:

    International engagement

    The CAA also contributes towards the:

    • Development of International Civil Aviation Organisation Standards and Recommended Practises for Aeronautical Information Services (Annex 15), and Aeronautical Charts (Annex 4).
    • Development of European legislation applicable to Aeronautical Information, such as that emanating from the Single European Sky (SES) initiative.