• New medical records system now available

    Please see the guidance on the new medical records system (Cellma).

  • Anyone wishing to become an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) will need to obtain a EU Class 3 medical certificate as part of the licensing requirements.  The initial medical examination must be carried out at an Aeromedical Centre.


    There is no minimum age for the application of an EU Class 3 medical certificate. However those applicants under the age of 17 may require additional specialist paediatric review.


     Validity of medical certificate

    Under 40

    40 plus

    24 months 

    12 months


    At initial then

    Under 30

    At all examinations thereafter


    48 months 



    At initial then

    Under 40

    40 plus


    48 months

    24 months 

    Comprehensive Ophthalmological examination

    At initial then

    If exceeds +3D to -3D

    If exceeds -6D 


    4 yearly

    2 yearly


    At initial then first examination

    Over 40 

    Pulmonary function tests 

    At initial (FEV/FVC),

    then if clinically indicated 

    Urinalysis At every examination   
    Blood lipids At initial, then at age 40   


  • The initial medical examination includes:

    • a full physical medical examination by a doctor
    • detailed eyesight tests including a colour vision assessment
    • a resting electrocardiogram (ECG) to check your heart
    • spirometry to assess your lung function
    • an audiogram to evaluate your hearing
    • urine testing
    • blood test to check lipids