• The written examinations in 'Navigation', 'Meteorology', ‘Air Law and Licensing Policy’ and 'FISO Procedures’ last 30 minutes each. The pass mark is 75%.

    Further information about the examinations and the syllabus is available in:

    • CAP 1032 - Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer Licensing.

    Applications to undertake the written examinations should be made on form

    • SRG 1414 Flight Information Service Officer’s Licence Application

    The closing date for applications is 15 clear working days before the date of the examination.

    Examination timetable


     Date of examinations  Closing date for applications
     11 December  27 November 


     Date of examinations  Closing date for applications
     12 February  29 January
     09 April  26 March
     18 June  04 June
     13 August  30 July
     15 October  01 October
     10 December  26 November


    Examinations are held at Gatwick - CAA, Aviation House, RH6 0YR.

    Please Note

    If you are sitting all four examination papers, you will be presented with one paper at a time.

    All candidates are required to be at the venue and available to be called through for the examination session, no later than 20 minutes prior to the start time.


    The charges for FISO examinations can be found in the CAA’s Scheme of Charges, ORS5 (Personnel Licensing).

    Please note - The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), as the Competent Authority for Examinations is in the process of introducing electronic examinations (e-Exams) to replace the paper-based system.

    This transition has begun with Flight Crew Professional examinations for Aeroplane & Helicopter ATPL, CPL and IR.