• Application Requirements

    To become a CAA Authorised ROCC Examiner you need to have:

    • held a Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence (Air Ground or Offshore) for at least 3 years
    • been operational at either an Air Ground Unit or an Off Shore Unit for the preceding 2 years
      (This is required to enable Examiners to draw on relevant experience to create the scenarios for the practical element of the examination)

    If you hold an Air Traffic Control Offices (ATCO) or a Flight Information Service Officers (FISO) licence, you will be considered for authorisation as an AGCS ROCC Examiner, provided current Unit Endorsements and Validations, as appropriate, are held.

    If you’re an ATCO or FISO who does not hold an ROCC, you will need to obtain one before being considered for authorisation. Application for an ROCC is made to the CAA on form SRG 1413.

    There is no CAA application form for applying to become a CAA Authorised ROCC Examiner.

    What to include

    You need to include:

    • a short CV highlighting relevant experience
    • two references and their ROCC certificate number
    • ATCOs and FISOs should include their licence number

    How to apply

    You need to send your application via email to the CAA ATS Licensing Referrals Officer at maggie.marshall@caa.co.uk.

    Application to become a CAA Authorised ROCC Examiner for a ‘Parachute ROCC’ is devolved to the British Parachute Association (BPA) and application should be made direct to the BPA.