• Note: it is the published advice of the UK Government that all aerodromes should be safeguarded.

    CAP 738 - Safeguarding of Aerodromes offers guidance to those responsible for the safe operation of an aerodrome, to help them assess what impact a proposed development or construction might have on that operation. The information required to enable them to make this assessment is detailed in CAP 168, Licensing of Aerodromes, which reflects the Standards and Recommended Practices of ICAO Annex 14 Volume I - Aerodrome Design and Operations.

    To maintain the integrity of an aerodrome’s operations and especially those with instrument flight procedures (IFPs), aerodrome licensees should ensure that the obstacle limitation surfaces are safeguarded against any development that may impact upon their operation. The nature of IFP design also demands that a safeguarding assessment of development/temporary obstacles against the current and any possible future IFPs is carried out by an approved procedure designer.

    Whilst the aerodrome licence holder is free to use any Approved Procedure Designer/Design Organisation, it is recommended that the assessment should be conducted by the designer/organisation responsible for the latest review of those procedures as they will be best placed to conduct the assessment in the most cost effective manner.

    The CAA will continue to offer aerodromes a safeguarding assessment service with respect to IFPs whilst it retains all of the current information for the aerodrome in question and the latest associated IFP design drawings. Any safeguarding enquiries should be submitted to CAA International using the form CAAi 4002 - Safeguarding Assessment Request. Safeguarding enquiries will be subject to a standard charge of £400 (incl. VAT).