• We are developing the regulatory framework for Heathrow Airport Limited to support construction of a new North West Runway.  This section contains information on various aspects of the work programme.

    The H7 section is arranged in seven pages:

    Consultations and policy documents

    • This page contains all CAA consultations, policy documents and related reports since the government’s announcement for a new North West Runway at Heathrow Airport being the preferred option for new runway capacity in October 2016.

    Consumer Issues and the Consumer Challenge Board (CCB)

    • The Consumer Challenge Board (CCB) is an expert panel that will help ensure that the H7 process is driven by a robust understanding of what consumers value.  The CCB was set up by the CAA and is independent of the economic regulation function at the CAA.
    • The latest information on the CCB is available here: Consumer Challenge Board

    Enhanced Engagement Section 16

    • The Secretary of State for Transport has asked the CAA to report on how well Heathrow Airport Limited has engaged with airline community on the design of the capacity expansion scheme, under section 16 of the Civil Aviation Act.  Information on this page includes the terms of reference of this work and CAA’s assessments on airport-airline engagement.

    Financial Modelling

    • We have published the financial model that we have used to support our assessment on the affordability and financeability of Heathrow expansion.

    Reports by external consultants

    • This page contains external consultancy reports commissioned by the CAA and by stakeholders since 2017 relating to our work on the Heathrow expansion.

    Letters and correspondence

    • This page contains correspondence between the CAA and stakeholders relating to the Heathrow expansion.

    Publications prior to the Governments October 2016 announcement on runway capacity

    • This page contains CAA documents prior to the Government’s announcement on the preferred option of the new runway capacity.