• Aircraft that do not have a valid Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) or Restricted CofA but are capable of safe flight under defined conditions may be eligible for a Permit to Fly (PtF) under Part 21 Subpart P.
    A PtF is generally required when the aircraft is capable of performing safe flight but its Cof A is temporarily invalidated for reasons such as:

    • the result of damage to the aircraft,
    • when the aircraft does not comply with the essential requirements for airworthiness (e.g. non-compliance with an Airworthiness Directive (AD), Certification Maintenance Requirement (CMR) or expiry of a life-limited part), or
      • when compliance with airworthiness requirements has yet to be demonstrated such as when flight testing is required for type design approval.
      • Refer to Part 21.A.701 for further cases.

    For a PtF to be issued, the safe condition of the aircraft must first be established. Certain conditions or limitations may be applied to provide an acceptable assurance of safe operation. These are termed ‘Flight Conditions’. The PtF can be issued by a Design, Production or Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation with appropriate competence and Privilege or by the CAA in accordance with the Permit to Fly process. 

    The establishment and approval of the Flight Conditions is done either by a Design Organisation with appropriate competence and Privilege or by the CAA. When approved by the CAA, the CAA will complete a CAA Form 18B to confirm the approval of Flight Conditions.


    Anyone may apply for the CAA approval of the Flight Conditions.

    How to apply

    An application is made using CAA Form SRG1767 and completion of CAA Form 18B

    Approval process


    Submit an application on CAA Form SRG1767 and a CAA Form 18B with Blocks 1 through to 8 completed.

    Block 7 of the CAA Form 18B will detail the substantiation that the aircraft can fly safely and Block 8 will detail any conditions or restrictions

    x x

    CAA will review the data presented on the CAA Form 18B and consider the conditions for safe flight, particularly the detail in Blocks 7 and 8.

    CAA may require the Applicant to re-submit the Form 18B if amendments to substantiation or conditions/restrictions are required.

      x CAA will complete Blocks 11 through 13 of the CAA Form 18B and return to the Applicant. This constitutes the approval of the Flight Conditions.
    X   Applicant uses the completed CAA Form 18B to support its application for a PtF.