• (UK) Part 145 caters for certain maintenance tasks to be carried out by a suitably qualified pilot.

    AMC to Part 145.A.30(j)4 lists various items which a qualified pilot may be issued an Authorisation to carry out.

    Tasks which relate to section 2(i)e require specific agreement from the competent authority and this process is explained below.

    Master Task Listing

    Previously accepted or rejected tasks are listed in this Master Task Listing.


    There is currently no fee.

    How to apply

    Please note that only part 145 organisations can apply for agreement from the competent authority to carry out a task by a pilot.

    Associated rules and regulations

    You will need to provide

    • A completed application SRG 1756 form submitted by an Authorised Representative of the Company.
    • All relevant maintenance data and /or supporting evidence (e.g. letters etc) related to the maintenance task.
    • Substantiation detailing why a pilot can effectively carry out the task.

    What to expect

    • An automated email receipt following submission of your email application form.
    • An Airworthiness Surveyor will conduct a review against the requirements. The Airworthiness Surveyor may require additional information or an on site review; therefore, he/she may contact the applicant directly.
    • Once the review is complete, the Sector Airworthiness Manager will validate the decision.
    • Once any the internal process has been completed, the applicant will receive feedback on acceptance or rejection.
    • The results of review will be included in the master task list located on this web page for all to use.