• National approval, issued under the Air Navigation Order and covers design, manufacture, certification, maintenance, continuing airworthiness management and flight testing of aircraft excluded from European Council Regulation (EC) 216/2008, as amended, including those aircraft listed in Annex II (commonly referred to Non-EASA aircraft).

  • Pre-requisites

    • The organisation must already hold an approval issued by the CAA under the Air Navigation order. ​

    How much does it cost?

    How long will it take for my application to be processed?

    • Correctly completed applications will be processed, acknowledged and passed to the Regional Office for investigation within 10 working days.
    • Approval certificates will be processed and dispatched within 20 working days following receipt of a recommendation from a CAA regional office.

    How long is it valid for?

    • Once approval is granted a biannual recommendation for continuation must be made by the CAA Surveyor.
    • Approvals remain valid unless cancelled, suspended or revoked
    • Requests to change open applications should be discussed with Applications and Approvals (A&A) in the first instance. In some cases a new application may be required. Please note that once the regional office has started the investigation, changes to the application cannot be considered.
    • SRG 1741
    • AD 461
    • AD 458
    • Declaration of organisation compliance for issue of Certificates of Validity
    • CAP 553, BCAR regulations for approvals
    • CAP 562, Leaflet C20 for information on requirements set for CAA approval of an organisation
    • CAP 562, Leaflet 1-18 for information on changes of company name and company registration number
    • CAP 747, for EASA Annex II aircraft types
    • EASA Part 66 aircraft listing for State aircraft types
    • Guidance when making an application for BCAR A8-23, A8-24 and A8-25 Approvals
    • Payments can be made by credit or debit card or bank transfer or with a cheque made payable to the Civil Aviation Authority.
    • When using bank transfer, it would be helpful if you could please identify what the payment is for by including your approval reference and receiving department.

    On application;

    • Completed form SRG 1741
    • Relevant fee
    • A completed organisation internal Audit Report (including objective evidence) to confirm the organisation is complaint and ready for the CAA audit
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation from Companies House for company name changes
      (not applicable if applicant is trading as an individual or partnership)
    • Declaration of organisation compliance
      (for applications for privilege to issue Certificates of Validity)
    • A draft copy of the Company Exposition

    On investigation;

    • Company manual amendment
    • AD461

    • Complete application form SRG 1741
    • Send the completed form to Organisation Approvals team with the relevant fee and a copy of Certificate of Incorporation
    • Organisation Approvals team will process the application and acknowledge within 10 working days
    • Organisation Approvals team will forward a copy of the application to the local CAA regional office.

    • A CAA regional office local to the applicant will contact them to discuss the investigation
    • The applicant submits the Company Manual amendment and AD461 if applicable to the regional office Surveyor.
    • The Surveyor may carry out an on-site audit and will follow this with a formal notification of all audit items that need corrective action
    • The Surveyor will assess the company manual amendment.
    • The applicant should address any audit findings and provide written notification of root cause and corrective action taken.
    • The Surveyor will assess the organisation's proposed corrective actions. Actions will be discussed with the applicant if necessary and, when able to, the Surveyor will close the audit.
    • When able to do so, the Surveyor will make a recommendation for the grant of the change to the approval.  The recommendation will be sent to Organisation Approvals team.
    • The Organisation Approvals team will issue the approval certificate and send original to the applicant.