• The approval of the design of certain types of aircraft, engines and propellers is signified by the issue of a Type Certificate.

    In general, there will be a Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) associated with each Type Certificate issued. The TCDS records the basis of certification, the designation of each approved variant and general information concerning the design.

    The design standards for microlights and gyroplanes are listed on Type Approval Data Sheets (TADS)

    Type Certificates and TCDS for EASA regulated aircraft.



    CAP 747- "Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness" contains the specific list of EASA and non-EASA aircraft types.

    For those aircraft, engines and propellers where EASA is responsible and the UK is the State of Design, the CAA Type Certificate and TCDS will be that adopted by EASA.

    Where the EASA is responsible and the UK is not the State of Design, the CAA TCDS are still included for reference as they reflect the CAA standards accepted for individual aircraft before 28 September 2003.

    These are deemed to be approved by EASA under "grandfather provisions" in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1702/2003.

    The procedure followed by CAA for the issue of a Type Certificate and TCDS is described in British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) Section A and BCAR Section B.

    Changes to CAA Type Certificate Data Sheets, including the addition of new variants, are made by the re-issue of the complete TCDS. Material differences between TCDS issues are indicated by marginal lines.

    It should be noted that some CAA TCDS were formed by adopting the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) Data Sheet or, in the case of foreign products, the TCDS of the Authority of State of Design under a CAA cover.

    To assist in the identification of TCDS the following letter codes are used:

    • BA- Aeroplanes of UK design
    • BAS- Airships of UK design
    • BB- Balloons of UK design
    • BG- Gliders of UK design
    • BR- Rotorcraft of UK design
    • FA- Aeroplanes of Non-UK design
    • FAS- Airships of Non-UK design
    • FG- Gliders of Non-UK design
    • FR- Rotorcraft of Non-UK design