• EU exit

    Please note that, in the event of UK participation in EASA and mutual recognition of licences and certificates ceasing, some CAA website content and application forms may continue to carry the EASA logo or reference the EU or EASA rather than the UK CAA in the short term.  These will be updated in due course following the outcome of the transition period negotiations on the long-term aviation relationship between the UK and the EU.  In the meantime, the guidance provided and the application forms accessed via the CAA website portal will continue to be valid.

  • Pre-requisites

    • The person applying for a state transfer of a licence must have previously met all the requirements to have held an EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence.
    • Original Licence MUST be included in your application.


    • £120.00

    See the current Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing) for further information.

    How long will it take for my application to be processed?

    • We endeavour to process applications within 30 working days from date of receipt, this is only applicable to the CAA elements of the transfer. The CAA cannot be held accountable for any aspect which is the responsibility of the Authority the licence is being transferred too, this includes whether or not the new authority decides to issue a licence at the end of the transfer process.
    • Incomplete applications are not subject to the 30 working day turnaround time until all application requirements are met.

    What else do I need to know?

    What do I need to send with my application?

    • A completed SRG2148 Form 
    • Original Part 66 Licence.
    • A copy of your passport or EU photo driving licence, certified by your Quality Manager or most senior person within the organisation you are working for, or official bodies such as the post office or solicitors who provide this service.  

    How do I apply?

    What happens next?

    • The assessment of your application is completed by a Licensing Assistant or Officer
    • Following an acceptable assessment the application is then processed, and we will contact the NAA in the member state you wish to transfer too.
    • We will contact you if we have any queries regarding your application and may keep your application pending for 30 working days awaiting any additional documentation to be submitted.
    • A refund fee may be charged if the assessment results in the rejection of your application.  This will also be applied if you choose to cancel your application.