• Ferry flight to or from the UK

    A UK Regulated aircraft to be exported can use a valid Permit to Fly for flight to the place of delivery provided that:

    • the aircraft has appropriate transfer documents. Acceptance must be sought from the importing state before a Permit to Fly or Ferry Permit is used for importation.
    • all relevant overflight permissions have been obtained from the concerned National Aviation Authorities.
    • import requirements specified by the importing state must be determined and complied with.

    If a UK Mode S has been allocated, it will need to be removed and replaced with one issued by the importing authority to coincide with registration in that state.

    To import an aircraft for the purpose of obtaining a UK Permit to Fly, the simplest method is to do so under the registration mark and valid C of A or Permit to Fly issued by the exporting state. Alternatively, the aircraft could be shipped in a container.

    It may be possible for the aircraft to be issued with a UK Permit to Fly while still in the exporting country. A CAA Surveyor will travel to the aircraft to perform the necessary inspections and assessments. This will incur additional costs above the application fee.

    Positioning flights

    A UK Permit to Fly for Ferry may be required for the transport of an aircraft without a valid Permit to Fly. This is usually granted when the aircraft must travel for maintenance and repair or for the aircraft to be placed into long term storage.

    If a Ferry Permit is required as part of the application for a Permit to Fly issue or revalidation, no extra charges will be made.

    If the issue of a Ferry Permit is required outside of the Permit to Fly process additional costs will incur.

    Permit to Fly for test

    A Permit to Fly for Test will be granted for flight testing intended for the issue of a Permit to Fly renewal or Certificate of Validity. This will incur no extra costs unless overseas travel or accommodation is required.

    If a Permit to Fly for Test is required to test a newly installed modification or repair, a charge will be made.

    Credit/Debit card payments

    Please complete Form FCS1500 and follow guidance for payments.