• Who can apply?

    • A Part M Subpart G Organisations with ARC privileges on the aircraft type
    • For aircraft in the ELA1 category, the holder of a Part 66 license with the appropriate type rating, approved/authorised by the issuing Member State Competent Authority


    Both Part M Subpart G and Part 66 engineers will need to provide the following documents:

    • Recommendations for the CAA to Issue an ARC
    • A completed Online Application Form
    • Evidence that the aircraft's owner, operator or lessee agrees to the renewal of the ARC
    • Aircraft Details (registration, type, serial number, engine(s), propeller(s) (if applicable), weights, total flying hours and associated cycles)
    • Organisation / Operator Details
    • Date of last flight
    • Flight Manual reference and latest revision status
    • CAA approved maintenance programme reference number, issue and amendment or revision number
    • All known defects have been corrected or, when applicable, carried forward in a controlled manner
    • All applicable airworthiness directives have been applied and properly registered
    • All modifications and repairs applied to the aircraft have been registered and are approved in accordance with Part-21
    • All service life limited components installed on the aircraft are properly identified, registered and have not exceeded their approved service life limit
    • Maintenance has been released in accordance with Part M requirements
    • The current mass and balance statement must be valid and reflect the configuration of the aircraft
    • The aircraft complies with the latest revision of its type design approved by EASA

    If an Airworthiness review recommendation is required to support an application for a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A), or, Certificate of Airworthiness for Export please complete the 'C of A online form' or the 'C of A Export online form' (as appropriate) before completing the 'Recommendation for Renewal of an Airworthiness Review Certificate' online form, as you will need to quote the application submission number given at the end of the C of A or C of A for Export online application.

  • For a non-UK Part M Subpart G organisation (only)

    In addition to all of the above you must provide a copy of the following:

    • A copy of the EASA Form 14, Part M Subpart G organisation approval certificate
    • A copy of the EASA Form 4 for the Airworthiness Review Staff
    • A copy of the Airworthiness Review compliance report
    • A copy of the aircraft physical Survey report

    For a non-UK CAA authorised ELA individual (only)

    In addition to all of the above, you must provide a copy of the following:

    • A copy of the European Light Aircraft (ELA) approval document
    • A copy of the Airworthiness Review compliance report
    • A copy of the aircraft Physical Survey report

    Note: We may request further information as required.

    • The application is processed and reviewed
    • The organisation or person making the recommendation will be advised if any discrepancies are raised and these will need to be rectified before the application can proceed.
    • The ARC is created
    • The ARC is posted to the return address provided and G-INFO is updated

    If upon review of the recommendation it is determined that a CAA Surveyor should complete an airworthiness review you will be contacted by the resource management team who will schedule the visit for the surveyor to conduct the review. Once satisfied, the surveyor will issue the ARC.