• The pages listed in the menu bar contain further information regarding the aircraft equipment categories specified.

    Explained are the certification requirements set for the operation of each equipment type.

    Links to the relevant application forms and to guidance information have also been included.

    Applying for equipment approval

    For approval of equipment to be installed in non-EASA aircraft, CAA Form AD 70, together with the appropriate fee, should be sent to Aircraft Certificates and Approvals. Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges.

    For approval of equipment to be installed in EASA aircraft, applications must be made directly to EASA.

    CAP 747 - 'Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness' contains the list of specific EASA and non-EASA aircraft types.

    Handheld radio approval

    CAA has issued Light Aircraft Class 3 Equipment Approval LA301075 for Handheld Radios with 8.33kHz Channel Spacing Capability that meet the identified clauses of ETSI Standard EN300 676-1.

    Electronic conspicuity (EC) approval

    We produced CAP 1391 in collaboration with the GA community, which tells you the minimum specification you need to meet when manufacturing EC devices.

    Your device can only legally be used on board an aircraft with an acknowledged declaration. When you manufacture an EC device you have to fill in a declaration of capability and conformance. We will publish the declaration for specific EC devices on our Electronic Conspicuity devices page.

    • You can send us declarations from Summer 2016.
    • There is currently no charge for processing declarations.

    Certain changes to your EC device require a new declaration of capability and conformance to be submitted, please read the CAP 1391 for full details.

    If it comes to our attention that there is an issue with your declaration or EC device we will contact you using the details you have provided.

    We have issued Light Aircraft Class 3 Equipment Approval LA301076 for Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices that meet the technical specification requirements of CAP 1391 Chapter 6.