• The AAR Part 1 form is the accountant's confirmation of licensable passengers booked, passengers carried and revenue on a departure date basis which is similar to the forms you have supplied previously.

    The AAR Part 2 form is the accountant's confirmation of various figures from your accounts.

    The checklist supplied with the renewal application will have set out which AAR forms we require.

    • For first time renewals and licences that the CAA require to be renewed for 6 months only may not need to complete a Part 1 form. You should have already been advised if this form is not required from you at this renewal.
    • Licences granted under the Joint ABTA-ATOL administration scheme do not need to complete a Part 2 form.
    • Licences granted under the Travel Vault Franchise and the Travel Trust Association (TTA) Franchise selling under 1001 seats do not need to complete either a Part 1 or a Part 2 form.

    The AAR Part 1 form has been designed for both Standard ATOL and Small Business ATOL (SBA) holders to complete. However, please note that SBA's need only complete the 2 relevant lines at the bottom of the boxes (not the quarters) in sections 1 and 2.

    If you are a SBA licence holder the form must cover your last complete licensable period. So for March 2017 renewal your AAR Part 1 form should cover the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. If you were granted an ATOL during that period it should cover from the date your ATOL was granted until 31 March 2016.

    If you are a Standard ATOL licence holder you must enter your last four complete quarters (based on the March, June, September, December quarters that you report to the CAA) prior to your most recent financial year end (FYE), which for a March 2017 renewal the FYE will fall between 1 June 16 and 30 November 16. For example, if your FYE is 31 July 2016 then the CAA will require the quarters ending 30 September 2015, 31 December 2015, 31 March 2016 and 30 June 16 to be included on the form.

    In this section you must enter data from your most recent financial year end.

    You must complete all the information required about your company in block capitals where required, including making the selections from the drop down lists and tick boxes in sections 7.1 and 7.2.

    No the ATOL holder is only required to enter the email address of their ARA Accountant. The ARA Accountant will then complete Section 8.

    When you press “send to your accountant” tab, the system will look-up the ARA Accountant's e-mail address you have entered in Section 8.

    YES, you can submit your ARA forms even though your accountant is not yet an ARA Accountant. But please remember unless your accountant has the registered with the CAA and completed the ATOL online training, is a qualified accountant and complied with the requirements of their professional accountancy body under the ARA Scheme, your forms will not be accepted as complete.

    When your accountant selects submit on the AAR form a return screen will display and confirm submission together with a reference number starting with the letter E. This may take up to 30 seconds to display.

    YES, it is important that you have Outlook as your default email server. When you submit your forms selecting 'send to your accountant' your default e-mail server populates the forms ready to be sent across to your ARA. Please note you must enter your ARA e-mail address into the relevant section for this to work.

    If you are using your personal e-mail logins such as Yahoo, Gmail etc. First you have to save the AAR form (s) as PDF file (please note it only works on Adobe Acrobat Reader and not on a scanned copy) and attach the documents to your personal e-mail and sent it across to your ARA.