• The CAA’s scheme of charges offers ATOL holders a reduction in renewal fees when they meet all of the following requirements:

    • maintain a Direct Debit mandate for payment of ATOL charges
    • maintain a Direct Debit mandate for collection of APC
    • submit all APC reports into the CAA’s online APC system

    The full CAA scheme of charges can be viewed here 

    APC is payable to the Air Travel Trust and licence fees are payable to the CAA. Separate direct debits must be entered into with each.

    Additionally, except for Small Franchise Licences, further reduced fees are available if a fully completed renewal application is submitted early (in the case of the March 2020 renewal, this date is 1 February 2020).

    You should note that an application is not considered complete and cannot be processed until the ATOL Reporting Accountant has submitted an approved Annual Accountants Report Part 2. The Annual Accountants Report Part 2 cannot be made available to the ATOL Reporting Accountant until after the online renewal application (including the requirement to upload the most recent relevant signed and dated financial statements that include, at least, an independent accountant’s report) has been submitted. If an application, latest relevant financial statements and Annual Accountants Report Part 2 are not all submitted by 1 February 2020, the early submission fee reduction will not apply.

    For larger cases managed by the Air Travel Finance Team (ATF), the submission of an online application and relevant supporting financial information including signed audited accounts is required by 1 February 2020 for the early submission reduction. 

    Click here to view the CAA's scheme of charges for ATOL.